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Bristol City Council: Lighting Upgrade Delivers Ł1 Million In Annual Savings

Bristol City Council in the UK, replaced their original street lighting with a new energy efficient solution to substantially reduce operating costs, make pedestrians feel secure and create ideal driving conditions 

Clover Lighting provided an energy efficient solution to Bristol City Council by replacing 20,000 lamps, resulting in Ł1 million annual savings

Energy efficient street lighting solution provides 4,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction each year, making a substantial contribution towards the Council's long-term carbon goals

High quality streetlighting and reliable performance with GE Lighting's energy saving solution, contributing to better visual comfort for both pedestrians and traffic safety

Clover Lighting's energy efficient solution includes dimmable ballasts to allow for greater energy savings and to ensure the Council has the flexibility for dimming lights between 7pm and 6am

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